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Ann Bexten Customer Service Representative 573-744-5231
Alicia Gillispie Loan Documentation Specialist 573-744-5231
Allen Gradel Vice President 573-744-5231
Richard Nilges Vice President 573-744-5231
Sarah Otto Loan Documentation Specialist 573-744-5231
Joan Plassmeyer Assistant Cashier 573-744-5231
Matt Robertson Senior Vice President 573-744-5231
Paul Stratman Customer Service Representative 573-744-5231

Mary's Home

Mark Adrian Vice President 573-498-3920
Marla Kirkweg Customer Service Representative 573-498-3920
Cindy Lepper Customer Service Representative 573-498-3920
Al Luetkemeyer Vice President 573-498-3920
Debra Schulte Customer Service Representative 573-498-3920

St. Elizabeth

Ramona Bax Senior Administrative Assistant 573-493-2313
Randy Bono Senior Vice President 573-493-2313
Leslee Ewers Loan Documentation Specialist 573-493-2313
Belinda Faulkner Customer Service Representative 573-493-2313
Elizabeth Holtmeyer Cashier 573-493-2313
Robert Kucsik Senior Vice President 573-493-2313
Brice Luetkemeyer President & CEO 573-493-2313
Denise Luetkemeyer Customer Service Representative 573-493-2313
Steve Massman Vice President 573-493-2313
Rachel Oligschlaeger Customer Service Representative 573-493-2313
Jon Robertson Executive Vice President 573-493-2313
Phylis Voss Customer Service Representative 573-493-2313
Kim Whitaker Loan Documentation Specialist 573-493-2313
Brooke Zeilman Loan Documentation Specialist 573-493-2313

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